Breaking: GOP Contractor Arrested For Throwing Voter Registrations In Dumpster | The New Civil Rights Movement

Published October 19, 2012 by Tjchase

Breaking: GOP Contractor Arrested For Throwing Voter Registrations In Dumpster




A GOP voter registration contractor has just been arrested in Harrisonburg, Virginia after a local resident reported to police he had seen someone throwing a “bag of trash” in his dumpster and speeding away on Monday. The bag contained filled out and completed voter registration application forms. Colin Small , the man whom police arrested, is charged with eight felonies and five misdemeanors.  Post image for Breaking: GOP Contractor Arrested For Throwing Voter Registrations In Dumpster

“The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in the investigation of voter registration fraud that began on the afternoon of October 15th when law enforcement received a citizen complaint of voter registration application forms being found in a dumpster behind a business in the City of Harrisonburg,” according to a press release from the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office:

The following individual has been charged:

Mr. Colin Small, 31 year old male of Phoenixville, PA

Voter Registration Supervisor employed by Pinpoint, an independent private organization contracted by the Republican Party of Virginia for purposes of general voter registration.

Copy of mugshot attached to this release

The following charges have been placed:

Four (4) counts of Destruction of Voter Registration Application, Class 1 Misdemeanor, Section 24.2-1002.01, Code of Virginia

Eight (8) counts of Disclosure of Voter Registration Application, Class 5 Felony, Section 24.2-1002.01, Code of Virginia

One (1) count of Obstruction of Justice, Class 1 Misdemeanor, Section 18.2-460(A), Code of Virginia

These charges are based upon lengthy consultation with and assistance from the Rockingham County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office regarding the investigation.

There is no indication that this activity was widespread in our jurisdiction; it appears to be very limited in nature but there is the possibility that additional charges may be filed in the future if it is deemed appropriate. There are no other details that we can release at this time, as this is still an active and ongoing criminal investigation.

Anyone who may have a question regarding their own voter registration status is encouraged to contact the County Registrar’s office or the Sheriff’s Office.

Rob Johnson, a Store Manager in Harrisonburg, Virginia, reported the incident on Monday, and made this note on his Facebook page:

“I just saw a guy throw a bag of trash in my cardboard dumpster and speed off. I went to get the bag and throw it in the trash dumpster. In the bag was a folder containing FILLED OUT VIRGINIA VOTER REGISTRATION FORMS!! I called the Harrisonburg Registrars office and they sent the police who said they really didn’t know what to do in a case like this because its never happened before. The police took the forms and left. I’m really concerned because today is the last day in Virginia to register to vote and if these forms are tied up while trying to figure out what to do, will these people be allowed to vote???”

This evening, just about an hour ago, Johnson made the following statement, also via Facebook:

“The police have just arrested the man who threw the voter registration forms into my dumpster on Monday. I have seen his picture and can confirm 100% this is the same man.”

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog reminds us that ”our concerns about massive Republican voter fraud extending beyond Florida were justifed. It’s now hit Pennsylvania too.”

Indeed, as The New Civil Rights Movement reported last month, Mitt Romney and the GOP have paid several firms with a long history of voter fraud allegations, and a man named Nathan Sproul — who runs most or all of them – more than $2 million recently for “voter registration” in key swing and battleground states. Sproul has been operating in North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado, along with other key battleground states.

Voters in all states who are concerned should contact their local Registrars Office to ensure they are indeed registered to vote.

And by the way, Rob Johnson is an American hero.

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