McDonald’s® Nutrition Facts and Calories –

Published August 9, 2012 by Tjchase

McDonald’s® Nutrition Facts and Calories –


4 comments on “McDonald’s® Nutrition Facts and Calories –

    • The information is printed on thee back of the Placemats. You would be amazed how many calories are in a single meal. A friend of mine started a weightloss program and when I weighed myself on the scales I learned that in less than a year I had gained 55 lbs above my acceptable weight. I started journaling my daily weight, each meal and the total caloric intake trying to stay at 1200 or below. I have been losing almost a pound a day and I get out and walk.

    • I posted this information because a friend of mine bought a scale to begin his weightloss program. When I got on the scales I realized that I was 55 lbs overweight. That is when I started looking at what and where I was eating. You would be surprised how many calories are in foods and drinks you never suspected. For example, I love Ginger Ale and learned that 8 ounces is 90 calories. I now drink flavored water from Walmart that has carbonation but no sugar, no calories and nothing harmful. I have been losing about a pound a day just by keeping track of my weight, calories and exercise. I walk alot.

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